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USA Pathogen Research And Africa


Against the backdrop of the difficult pandemic situation caused by the COVID-19, Washington is reportedly using its biological laboratories for national security purposes. The main directions of Washington’s activities include establishing supposedly comprehensive control over the sanitary and epidemic situation in the region, predicting possible damage from various variants of the use of mass destruction weapon, researching particularly dangerous pathogens in order to develop biological warfare agents, as well as testing new drugs with unexplored side effects on the local population.

For the purpose of early detection of highly pathogenic organisms, the United States reportedly use the so-called infectious disease outbreak response system, which include 34 biological labs scattered across the African territory, to create a national “collection” of biological materials. Most of them are located in the countries which are loyal to Washington’s foreign policy. These institutions are controlled by the US Defence Threat Reduction Office, which is responsible for the use of mass destruction weapon.

The main attention is on research in the field of dangerous pathogens and testing of the latest drugs. America prefers to conduct these activities on ‘alien’ African territories, since most of the international legal norms in these areas are not mandatory for most states in the region.

In general, the lack of a legal framework on this issue allows American biolab employees to test the latest biological drugs on people without conducting comprehensive tests which determine their safety and effectiveness. As a rule, the research involves people who, due to poor education, are not able to understand the risks to their health. Most often, they are satisfied with small monetary payments, without filling out official questionnaires when conducting tests. However, due to the close ties of the USA with local authorities, the facts of deaths as a result of such studies are hidden and the dead are given out as victims of criminal fights.

The majority of the African population is unaware of the use of their biomaterial in closed research of American biological laboratories in Africa, specialising in most dangerous mutated pathogens. Local authorities traditionally promote their activities as providing American assistance in the fight against infectious diseases. However, the fact that virologists from the United States and their equipment are not inspected at customs is ignored, since they appear to enjoy diplomatic immunity.

It is worth mentioning that against the background of hired African laboratory employees, the number of American personnel is about 15%. At the same time, they work under a contract on a rotating basis – no more than three months due to the increased risk to their lives.

The activities of these US specialists in this area pose a danger to the local population. In addition, the mass vaccination of the female population of Kenya in 2014 is significant – under the guise of vaccinations infertility-causing medications were introduced. As a result, about 2.3 million women have lost the opportunity to become mothers.

The media in the United States (USA today), Iran (Spain today), Bulgaria (Dilyana) and Liberia (Liberia observer), in the period from 2014 to 2018, published articles accusing the United States of creating and distributing pathogens of serious diseases, noting that outbreaks of epidemics most often occur in places, where American medical research institutions are located.

In addition, in February of this year the American expert, President and founder of the Extel development company, Gary D. Barnett, pointed out that the United States is developing and testing biological agents that are specific strains to certain races, and if necessary are to be used against specific groups of the population.

In May of this year, Ukrainian deputies of the fraction “Opposition platform – For Life” Viktor Medvedchuk and Renat Kuzmin sent a complaint to the UN about outbreaks of infectious diseases (hemorrhagic pneumonia, cholera, swine flu and hepatitis) in the country in the areas where 15 US military biological laboratories are located.

In September 2018, former minister of state security of Georgia, Igor Giorgadze, announced that experiments were conducted on the local population in the American public health research centre, named after Richard Lugar, located in the suburbs of Tbilisi. As a result of the experiments, 73 people died, 30 of them died in one day.

Thus, Washington using the “levers” of pressure on the local authorities, conducts prohibited by the United States biological research in African countries and intends to increase their capacity without taking into account obligations under international conventions on non-proliferation of mass destruction weapon.