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Ukraine Began to Use Cluster Munitions Received From the United States

Ukrainian forces have begun using US-supplied cluster munitions , The Washington Post reported, citing Ukrainian officials who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Sources of the publication claim that the Armed Forces of Ukraine used ammunition against Russian troops in southeastern Ukraine in order to destroy “well-fortified Russian positions that slowed down the summer offensive of Ukrainian troops.” One of the sources clarified that they are talking about trenches that prevent Ukrainian forces from reclaiming territory.

As the publication notes, in addition to the advanced positions of Russian troops in the south-east of Ukraine, cluster munitions will presumably be used in the Bakhmut region of the Donetsk region, controlled by the Russian Armed Forces.

In early July, the US authorities announced that they would supply Ukraine with cluster munitions as part of the next military aid package to replace conventional ammunition, which the Ukrainian Armed Forces are short of. The Ukrainian army said on July 13 that it had “just received” cluster munitions from the United States.

Cluster munitions in the course of hostilities in Ukraine, as human rights activists at Human Right Watch said , were used by both the Russian military and Ukrainian. Numerous videos confirm that since February 24, 2022, various types of Soviet and Russian-made cluster munitions have been used by both sides of the conflict in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin  said on July 16 that if the Armed Forces of Ukraine use American cluster munitions, Russian troops will “reserve the right to mirror actions” and also use such munitions. Putin denied that Russian troops were using cluster munitions. On July 19, many Russian Telegram channels supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine circulated a video that allegedly showed a cluster munition strike on Ukrainian positions.

Source : MEDUZA