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Collection of 500 Drones for Ukraine for Independence Day Started in Lithuania

The action “Songs of Drones” has started in Lithuania, the goal of which is to raise 300 thousand euros for the purchase of 500 FPV kamikaze drones for Ukraine. It will last until August 24th.

The collection was initiated by the organization Maži, bet stiprūs (“Small but strong”). According to its founder, Raimundas Aleknavičius, both Ukrainian counteroffensives and new Russian attacks are taking place at the front, and one of the most influential factors in the war is the growing use of drones.

“The war in Ukraine will go down in world military history as a war of ever-evolving drone technologies. Along with combat Bayraktar, commercial DJI and various fixed-wing drones, FPV-type kamikaze drones are now becoming increasingly important in the war between Ukraine and Russia,” Aleknavičius said. .

He noted that Russia has recently purchased thousands of drones, which cause huge damage to the Ukrainian military.

The action “Songs of Drones”, which started on July 19, will last until August 24, when Ukraine’s Independence Day will be celebrated.

The organization aims to raise money and purchase TORO drones developed by Ukrainian and Lithuanian experts. These FPV drones are considered to be one of the best kamikaze drones in their class.

Support for Ukraine from Lithuania

Lithuania supports Ukraine in a full-scale war against Russia. The country provides packages of military, financial and humanitarian assistance, advocates for increased sanctions against the aggressor state, and supports Ukraine’s aspirations to join NATO.

During the meeting in the Ramstein format, Lithuania called on the allied countries to create a coalition to clear mines in Ukraine .

Prior to this, Anusauskas, while on an unannounced visit to Kiev, presented his Ukrainian counterpart Oleksiy Reznikov with a long-term plan to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine .

In addition, in July, Lithuania will provide Ukraine with military assistance and weapons worth 24 million euros .

Minister of Economy and Innovation Aushrine Armonaitė reported that military, humanitarian and financial assistance from Lithuania to Ukraine reached 1 billion euros .

Source : RBC