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Naked truth: See Mia Khalifa bare all in a naughty promo for OnlyFans

New York (Film Daily News), February 27 (05/14) Mia Khalifa posed topless to promote her OnlyFans account on Instagram. The ex-porn actress has had an OnlyFans account since 2020 when she collected $100,000 for the Lebanon Red Cross. Khalifa gave special thanks to all the people who support her through her OnlyFans and said that otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to do this donation.

Mia Khalifa is a graduate of Art History at the University of Texas, she’s an activist, model, and influencer, however, she’s known for her past in the porn industry. Even though Khalifa shows herself confidently and likes to celebrate her beautiful figure by showing it, the activist is no longer interested in doing porn. But, let’s not forget that sex work has many faces and you don’t have to get entirely naked to do it.

Even though Only Fans is mostly used for explicit videos & photos, there are several exceptions. Khalifa’s posts aren’t necessarily pornographic but are definitely hot. In fact, she was asked to promote the OnlyFans “safe for work app” which doesn’t allow explicit content. Nevertheless, Khalifa wasn’t the only hot public figure who promoted it, Bella Thorne did too.

Is Khalifa safe for work?

If you’re looking at Khalifa’s porn videos, then they’re definitely not safe for work, but, as we know, Mia Khalifa is getting as far as possible from the xxx industry. This app is an effort of the company to get away from its “porn-platform” fame, but, as Khalifa knows, it’s impossible to undo what’s done. Nonetheless, you can always change what you will do.

But the whole point of having a noncensored platform to sell content is for it to be explicit, right? Well, it looks like not everything in life is about getting naked, and if you’re Mia Khalifa, people would definitely pay to see pictures of you. Sadly, it looks like she can’t take a step further without being reminded of her past, and some subscribers have claimed explicit content and complained about the lack of porn.

Even though Khalifa doesn’t show herself fully naked, she certainly likes to share sexy pictures of her. However, a pair of big breasts and a pretty face aren’t the only things Khalifa has to offer. Her OnlyFans SFW profile through the app called OFTV has several free interviews, and her OnlyFans account also has tips and links related to grammar improvement.

It’s not easy to turn the page

Khalifa stopped doing porn, not getting naked. She recently posted a series of photos on Instagram in white underwear. In the last picture, she’s half-naked and tagged OnlyFans on her back. It was a subtle way to suggest that there we can find more of that. And it’s true, Khalifa’s OnlyFans account is full of simple but hot pictures of her.

But why is Khalifa still doing erotic content if she hates porn so much? What Khalifa hated from porn was all the violence that comes with it, but she clearly gets satisfaction from that kind of validation, and also, money. Women are educated to be always good looking, but there’s a value in that personal grooming we should charge for, so is in sex.

Even though Khalifa has a thousand virtues, she’ll probably be always reduced to the girl who did porn with a hijab and would cost her some professional opportunities. So, to keep working on the line of sex work seems a strategic way to rewrite her name and keep doing money.

In Caliban and the Witch by Silvia Federici, the author explains how sex work started when women were forbidden to work in the field. However, our bodies are the field we can always work on. Even though Khalifa is staying on the SFW side of OnlyFans, it’s important to have platforms that don’t do censorship and allow women to capitalize on their content.