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Togo Media Guide

Togo has a varied media landscape. However, press freedom depends on the political environment.

During election campaigns media outlets come under pressure. “The state and political figures exert strong influence on how news is handled”, says the NGO Reporters Without Borders (RSF).

The NGO Freedom House says “restrictive press laws and a history of impunity for those who commit crimes against journalists encourage self-censorship”.

The two best-selling newspapers are the privately-owned Liberté and state-owned Togo-Presse. Among TV channels, state-owned Télévision Togolaise has the biggest viewing figures.

Radio is the most popular medium, particularly in rural areas. The BBC broadcasts in the capital on 97.5 FM.

There were 1.01 million internet users by December 2021, comprising 11% of the population (


  • Togo-Presse – government daily
  • Liberte – private, daily
  • Togoweb – news website
  • – news website
  • iciLome – news website


  • Television Togolaise (TVT) – state-run
  • Telesports TV – state-run, sports, culture
  • TV2 – private
  • TV7 – private


  • Radio Togolaise – state-run national radio, via shortwave, mediumwave (AM) and FM
  • Radio Lome – state-run FM station for Lomé
  • Radio Kara – state-run station in north
  • Zephyr FM – private
  • Nana FM – private, Lomé

News Agency

  • Agence Togolaise de Presse – state news agency

Source : BBC