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Military pledges improved non-kinetic approach in fighting terrorism

The military high command has pledged to rejig non-kinetic efforts as a major strategy in fighting terrorism.

The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Christopher Musa pledged while delivering a keynote address on psychological operations and strategic communication for National Security organised by the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) in Abuja.

Represented by the Director Training, Defence Headquarters, Rear Admiral Matthew Daupreye, the CDS said that using a non-kinetic approach in combating terrorism and other threats to national security will help in winning the hearts and minds of the people.

According to him, warfare has now gone beyond annihilating the adversary.

The Defence Chief said that the “non-kinetic approach is the use of informational, psychological, diplomatic, economic, social and civil-military cooperation as part of instruments of national power to pursue national interests. It involves collaborations between the military and civil actors to achieve national interest through the application of non-lethal force or means that are sub-lethal or not intended to be lethal to dispose of the enemy”.

General Musa echoed the need for greater inter-agency collaboration in addition to psychological operations and strategic communication to reduce acts of insurgency to the barest minimum.

According to him, the combination of conventional warfare, irregular warfare, terrorism and counter insurgency is a symmetric warfare waged by resistance groups combined combat warfare, where you deliver forces or prevent the conventional force, and economic intimidation in countries.

He noted that first, by involving conventional warfighting capabilities, such as cyber warfare and second by fostering activities in new formations to do the NATO regular warfare trucks.

The Defence Chief said that “warfare defense Armed Forces find that strongly among states and non-state actors for legitimacy and influence over the relevant population. And most actors who know how to engage your local zombie in Geneva Conventions and international humanitarian law this summer will fade.

“This form of warfare is only needed to also use conventional homes for alphas that are used against poor prophecy by older states. So it’s designed to exploit national border entities across the political, military, economic, social, informational, and infrastructural spectrum. Are in accord between terminals and peace.”

He added that terrorism and counterterrorism or conventional warfare, foreign internal defense study at security transition because structural operations are transnational criminal activities that support or sustain the regular war and the law enforcement activities to counter them.

“Civil-military officials, psychological officials, information officials, intelligence counterintelligence operations, these activities are run by both states and both state actors in the pursuit of their objectives”, he said.

Speaking, the Chief of Defence Intelligence, Major General Emmanuel Undiandeye highlighted the importance of psychological operations as a way of winning the war against insurgency.

According to him, the five-day program facilitated by the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Safe Neighbourhood initiative provides a very unique opportunity and platform to put security as far as understanding the Dynamics of psychological operations and strategic Communications.

He said that “cycling is an integral element of Modern Warfare that is widely neglected by practitioners and is indeed computational science even to it is a very important and complex issue as is kinetic twin brother the cause of team winning hearts and Minds”.

He noted that National cohesion and development were therefore carefully chosen to increase the Knowledge and Skills of high-performing professional Farmers all strategic communication and at the escalating conflict and promoting National cohesion and progress contemporaneously psychological operations are no longer used only to explain the intentional effort.

He said that “it’s to manipulate an enemy’s will to fight but has been expanded to describe efforts to place public opinion”.

Source: The Guardian