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65 Tanks From the Czech Republic and Bulgaria Were Sent to Ukraine Last Year

The scale of deliveries of armored vehicles to Ukraine by individual countries of Eastern Europe last year was announced:

The Czech Republic exported to Ukraine: 66 T-72M/M1 tanks,
20 T-72M/M1 tanks to the Netherlands for re-export to Ukraine;
33 T-72M/M1 tanks to Morocco for re-export to Ukraine

Bulgaria exported for subsequent re-export to Ukraine:
to the Czech Republic 12 T-72M / M1 tanks, 6 122-mm MLRS M-70, 3000 RPG-22 “Net”, grenade launchers Bulspike-AT – 1750, Bulspike-TB – 250, 262 73 -mm recoilless guns SPG-9;

to Poland – 84 MT-LB, 82 122-mm self-propelled guns 2S1 “Gvozdika” apparently also for subsequent re-export to Ukraine, writes TK Militarist.

Source: glasnarod