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Ukraine Has Lost Almost All Leopard Tanks

The Russian army destroyed almost all Leopard tanks in three directions, which were supplied to Ukraine by Poland and Portugal. This was stated by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at a thematic conference call.

“Only in the Yuzhno-Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Donetsk directions, where Ukrainian formations are undertaking unsuccessful attacks, 15 aircraft, three helicopters, 920 armored vehicles, including 16 Leopard tanks, were destroyed. This is almost 100% of the tanks supplied by Poland and Portugal to Ukraine,” Sergei Shoigu said. His words are quoted by the Russian Ministry of Defense in its telegram channel. He noted that the destroyed tanks were supplied from Poland and Portugal.

Shoigu also noted that Russia continues to defeat the enemy. Since the start of the counter-offensive, Ukraine has lost about 2,500 weapons.

Ukraine launched a counteroffensive in early June. However, she was not able to achieve significant success. For this operation, the Armed Forces of Ukraine received heavy tanks from various Western countries. The failure of the first stage of the offensive was due to the fact that Russia had about six months to create fortified defense lines along the entire front line. Russia also has air superiority, RT reports. reports .

The White House also acknowledged the failure of the first phase of the offensive. He was associated with  bad weather and good training of the Russian Armed Forces.

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