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Ukraine Banned Navigation in the Area of ​​russian Ports in the Black Sea

Ukraine will consider ships sailing in the Black Sea in the direction of Russian seaports as potentially carrying military cargo “with all the ensuing risks.” This was announced on July 20 by the Ministry of Defense of the country.

Kyiv announced the closure of navigation in the areas of the northeastern part of the Black Sea and the Kerch Strait as dangerous from five in the morning on July 20. “Relevant navigational information for mariners has already been made public,” the statement said.

“The fate of the Moskva cruiser proves that the Ukrainian Defense Forces have the necessary means to repel Russian aggression at sea,” the agency said. The Russian ship was sunk by a missile strike in April 2022.

After 2014, Russia captured or sank all large ships of the Ukrainian fleet, except for the flagship Hetman Sagaidachny, which was sunk by Ukrainian sailors in the port of Nikolaev. However, Ukraine has anti-ship missiles and sea drones capable of attacking targets at long distances.

On July 19, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced a ban on shipping to Ukrainian ports . The ministry said in a statement that all ships sailing in the waters to Ukraine would be considered as potential carriers of military cargo.

A number of sea areas in the northwestern and southeastern parts of international waters have been declared temporarily dangerous for navigation.

  • Adam Hodge, a spokesman for the US National Security Council, warned that Russia could be preparing to attack civilian ships. It was reported about the exposure of mines at Ukrainian ports.
  • The Black Sea is an important export route for Ukrainian and Russian goods, and a potential cessation of shipping could cause significant damage to the economies of both countries.

Source : SVOBODA