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Soldiers of the National Guard Captured a Russian Commander From Chechnya

The National Guard captured a Russian commander from Chechnya. It happened on July 18th.

“Fighters of one of the assault groups of the 15th operational brigade captured the company commander of the 70th guards motorized rifle regiment, which is stationed in the city of Shali, Chechen Republic,” he said.

The prisoner spoke about the low moral and psychological state of his personal condition and his unwillingness to conduct military operations.

“He was provided with medical assistance, after which he was transferred to the relevant authorities,” Urshalovich added.

Losses of the command staff of the Russian Federation in Ukraine

Just yesterday, Russian propagandists announced that the commander of one of the occupying brigades, Denis Ivanov, better known as “Tashkent”, was liquidated in Ukraine . In addition, on July 11, during the explosions in Berdyansk, the epicenter of which was the Dune Hotel, Russian Lieutenant General Oleg Tsokov was liquidated. Also earlier, the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine confirmed information about the liquidation in Russian Krasnodar of the commander of the Krasnodar submarine, Stanislav Rzhitsky, who was involved in rocket attacks on Ukraine.

Source : RBC