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Shoigu Estimated Ukraine’s Losses Since the Beginning of the Offensive at 66 Thousand People

Ukraine lost 66 thousand people during the counteroffensive, said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

“Since the beginning of the so-called offensive, enemy losses have exceeded 66 thousand people and 7.6 thousand weapons,” the minister said at a conference call on Tuesday.

According to him, “trying to hide the failure of the offensive, Ukrainian militants attack civilian targets and pass off these terrorist attacks as military victories.”

During the three months of the counter-offensive, the Ukrainian military has not achieved its goals, while they are suffering “colossal losses,” the head of the Russian Defense Ministry noted.

“The Ukrainian leadership is desperately trying to demonstrate to Western curators at least some success of offensive actions in order to further receive military-economic assistance, which only prolongs the conflict,” Shoigu said.

He also stated that as a result of the actions of Russian combat crews over the past month, 159 HIMARS missiles, over a thousand unmanned aerial vehicles, and 13 cruise missiles were shot down.

The Russian military continues to carry out precision strikes on Ukraine, the Russian Defense Minister also said. “The Russian Armed Forces continue to destroy the military infrastructure of Ukraine with high-precision strikes. Over the past month alone, 34 command posts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces at the operational-tactical control level have been hit,” Shoigu said.