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Africa Tourism Sector Enthusiastic for Emerging Growth Opportunities

Africa’s travel market is open and booming. It is a sentiment expressed by an estimated 600 exhibitors at this year’s World Travel Market Africa in Cape Town, South Africa.

The travel market in Africa is experiencing a boom despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to exhibitors at the World Travel Market Africa in Cape Town. The event saw a 35 percent increase in exhibitors compared to last year, with the majority from African countries. The growth of intra-African trade and the popularity of Indian Ocean destinations, such as Seychelles, were highlighted as key factors behind the sector’s growth.

The Seychelles is focusing on promoting its cultural activities to attract more tourists and expand the country’s popularity. The Minister of Tourism wants to showcase the Seychelles’ food, music, and people as part of a new approach to tourism.

Zimbabwe is aiming for a USD 5bn tourism economy by 2025, citing its diverse attractions, such as Victoria Falls, as key drivers of growth. This target is part of its national tourism recovery growth strategy.

The UN’s World Tourism Organization reported that more than 900 million tourists traveled internationally in 2022. These exhibitors are among those promoting the continent and driving growth in Africa’s travel and tourism market.

Source : TVPWorld