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Uganda’s Nyege Nyege Festival Successful Amidst Global Travel Concerns

Regardless of travel advisories issued by the US and UK, cautioning against potential terrorist threats, the renowned Nyege Nyege festival in Uganda took place over the weekend.

This highly anticipated annual gathering, located at the picturesque source of the Nile, attracted a diverse global audience undeterred by security concerns.

Uganda’s unique cultural performances and styles took center stage, with participants from various walks of life defiantly attending despite the foreign advisories. 

The festival became a convergence point for hundreds, showcasing the resilience of the human spirit in the face of external threats.

Edward, a tourist, shared his experience, saying, “To be completely honest, we were a bit worried, but we decided to come anyway because we already booked our accommodations and we wanted to go rafting as well. So we decided to go the first night to check how the security is, and we were actually surprised, there was a lot of security.”

The cautionary alerts arose following the tragic killing of two tourists and their driver in the Queen Elizabeth National Park by suspected ADF rebels. In response, President Yoweri Museveni implemented stringent security measures at the festival venue, reassuring visitors of the country’s safety.

Aly Allibhai, CEO of Talent Africa, emphasized the festival’s commitment to safety, stating, “This is a safe place to be, there’s a lot of security, we are taking all measures to make sure it’s very safe, from the entrance to exit, inside the parameters, everything is covered.”

Beyond the cultural extravaganza, the event provided a lucrative opportunity for local businesses, including food vendors, cultural dancers, drama actors, and hotels, as revelers indulged in non-stop festivities for four days.

A festival-goer expressed their excitement, saying, “It’s my first time at Nyege Nyege, and I’m here to experience the culture, the rich food, music. The environment, everybody is happy and having a good time, and we feel so welcome to this festival.”

Organizers are optimistic about the festival’s future, aspiring to continue fostering unity and infusing vibrancy into this annual celebration of diversity. Nyege Nyege stands not only as a testament to Uganda’s cultural richness but also as a symbol of resilience and communal joy that transcends global uncertainties.

Source : Africanews