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Moroccan Taxis Get Digital Upgrade

It can no longer be said that taxis in Morocco are not keeping up with the times with drivers now having access to multimedia interactive screens in their cars.

The company behind the innovation, Itechia, recently launched the Taxi Sahbi (Taxi my friend) tablet which features a host of services and is set to redefine the transport habits of Moroccans.

“It allows drivers to have access to a number of applications, including telephone calls and GPS, applications linked to electronic wallets, and applications for fare collection. It’s also a medium that allows advertisers to reach a new audience,” said Fahd Mekouar, Managing Director of iTechia.

Hundreds of taxi drivers in Morocco have already responded to the call for innovation in a bid to improve their onboard service.

Some 800 taxis are now equipped with the tablet, and the company aims to roll it out to other cities across the country and on the continent.

“We’re in the process of deploying them in several cities. We are currently present in Casablanca and Rabat, and are in the process of rolling out to cities such as Tangiers and Marrakech,” said Nadia who works at iTechia.

In addition to the tablet, a mobile application has also been developed which makes it possible to efficiently manage supply and demand.

“It’s very intuitive,” said one customer, “It saves me time, as I can call the taxi even before I leave the office.”

Taxi drivers are also happy with the new tablet.

“There are several advantages, like free calls. There’s also access to the internet, which means I can get an idea of traffic and any obstacles, such as traffic jams. Passengers can also use a barcode to give us feedback on how their journey went,” said one of them.

The introduction of the tablet and the app has radically improved the efficiency and transparency of the service in Morocco, offering a better experience for both passengers and drivers.