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Mali’s Junta Partially Reshuffles Government After Draft Constitution Vote

Mali’s junta carried out a partial reshuffle of the government on Saturday, a day after announcing the end of the UN peace mission in the country and eight days after a referendum in favour of the draft new Constitution.

Though strategic posts remained occupied by the same people, government was significantly reshuffled, with 16 appointments, 13 ministers and three swaps.

A representative of the Coordination des mouvements de l’Azawad, the main alliance of former rebels in the north, is also leaving the government, at a time of high tension between the two parties.

A new member of the military joins the government, Colonel Assa Badiallo Touré, at the Ministry of Health and Social Development.

Malians approved the draft of the new Constitution with 97% of votes in favour, a plebiscite for the ruling military, although voting was hampered in many central and northern localities either by fear of jihadist attacks or by political disagreements.

Critics of the draft describe it as tailor-made to keep the junta in power beyond the presidential elections scheduled for February 2024, despite initial commitments.

This was the first election since the military seized power by force in August 2020, and since then they have ruled virtually unchallenged in a country faced with jihadism and a security, political and economic crisis.

The Constitutional reform provides amnesty for the perpetrators of coups d’état prior to its promulgation, and is fuelling persistent speculation about a possible presidential candidacy for Colonel Assimi Goïta.

Source : africanews