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Kenyan Courts Adjourn Hearing on Alleged Murder by British Soldier Until May

The Kenyan courts conducted an initial hearing on Wednesday concerning the murder case involving a young woman, allegedly killed by a British soldier in 2012. However, much to the prosecution’s dismay, the proceedings were adjourned until next May.

The victim, Agnes Wanjiru, a 21-year-old Kenyan and mother of a two-year-old girl, was discovered lifeless in a septic tank in Nanyuki, central Kenya, where the British army maintains a training camp. An investigation was initiated in 2019 in Kenya, but no public outcome is known.

In October 2021, the British weekly Sunday Times, supported by testimonies from military personnel, reported that a soldier, seen with the young girl on the day of the incident in 2012, had confessed to killing her to his comrades later that evening, displaying the victim’s body. The murder was allegedly reported to military hierarchy, but no further action was taken.

Following these revelations, the Kenyan police announced the relaunch of the investigation. The issue of jurisdiction over British soldiers who violate Kenyan law has sparked disputes between London and Nairobi, with other incidents contributing to local tensions.

Source : Africanews