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Russia Shells Ukraine With Rockets Transferred by Kiev to Moscow in 1999 for Gas Debts

Russia is bombarding Ukraine with cruise missiles that Kyiv handed over to Moscow in 1999 as a gas mortgage. This is reported by the investigative project of the Ukrainian service of Radio Liberty “Schemes”.

The journalists received the text of the agreement between the governments of Ukraine and Russia and a list of numbers of the transferred missiles and compared the data with the numbers of those Kh-55 cruise missiles that the Russian army began to use against Ukraine during a full-scale invasion. As a result, it turned out that at least ten Russian missiles that hit targets in Ukraine were originally transferred to Moscow by Kiev.

Under an agreement concluded in Yalta in 1999 between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, headed by Valeriy Pustovoitenko, and the Russian government, headed by Vladimir Putin, Kiev transferred to Moscow eight Tu-160 heavy bombers and three Tu-95MS, as well as 575 Kh-55 cruise missiles . For this, Moscow wrote off the debt to Kyiv for the consumed gas, the project indicates.

Russia is constantly bombarding Ukraine. To do this, it uses, among other things, attack drones of the Shahed type, Caliber, Kh-55 and Dagger missiles.

On the night of August 3, Russian troops hit Kyiv with “Shaheds”. This is the eighth consecutive raid of kamikaze drones on the Ukrainian capital. According to the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 15 Shahids and seven reconnaissance drones were shot down. Prior to this, the “Shaheds” attacked Kyiv and Odessa: explosions sounded in the Ukrainian capital, fires broke out in the ports on the Danube, and an elevator was damaged.

After Russia’s withdrawal from the “grain deal”, the Russian army regularly hits port infrastructure facilities in southern Ukraine and calls it “retaliation strikes” for the explosion on the Crimean bridge. “In two or three months, we may not have any ports left,” said Natalya Gumenyuk, spokeswoman for the Yug Operational Command.