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Biden Adviser: Ukraine Methodically Liberates Its Territories

The United States does not see a stalemate on the Ukrainian battlefield. This was announced on Tuesday by President Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan during a press briefing.

According to Sullivan, Ukraine is liberating its territories “on a methodical, systematic basis.” Sullivan confirmed that the Russian army is trying to carry out offensives in the northeast, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine effectively repel them, in turn, conducting successful offensive operations in the southeast.

Asked if the White House is frustrated with the slow pace of the Ukrainian offensive, Sullivan stressed that the United States offers advice to Ukraine, while Ukraine makes decisions about how to proceed.

Earlier in August, the Joe Biden administration asked Congress for $24 billion, some of which would go to aid Ukraine. As Jake Sullivan said, despite some voices of criticism, the administration is confident that there is a bipartisan majority in Congress that supports the Ukrainian policy of the White House and is ready to support and defend Ukraine.

Source : SVOBODA