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Google to Avoid Dangerous Routes in South Africa

Google navigation apps, Waze and Google Maps, will no longer guide users through Cape Town’s Nyanga township and nearby areas due to increased security concerns, announced Alistair Mokoena, the company’s South Africa head on Monday.

Last week, a US tourist was robbed and shot in the face in Nyanga after following the navigation app’s route, which directed him through the township as the quickest path from Cape Town International Airport to the city.

In September, British surgeon Kar Hao Teoh, aged 40, was fatally shot during a protest by taxi operators in the same township. Local media report that additional individuals, mostly tourists, have been attacked or killed while driving through Nyanga, often after heeding the advice of navigation apps.

Following Mr. Teoh’s tragic incident, the UK government issued a warning to its citizens visiting South Africa, urging caution when relying on GPS navigation and advising against taking alternative routes away from main roads, as these routes can lead to less secure areas. 

The advisory highlighted that most violent crimes occur in townships on the outskirts of major cities or in isolated areas.

Source : Africanews