Zuma resigns: How the South African front pages covered the news

photo : thesouthafrican


First Jacob Zuma went rogue in an SABC ‘interview’. Then, hours later, he resigned. His resignation speech tinged with just a hint of the defiance he showed earlier.

It brought the curtain down on nine long years which has had more downs that it has had ups. The obits in the wake of Zuma’s resignation have not been kind. History will not be kind.

South Africa should have a new president by the end of Thursday. Barring a cataclysmic shift, Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to be sworn in as the new leader of the country, one up from his current role as ‘acting’ president.

Much remains uncertain, too. There is the matter of who is going to serve as Ramaphosa’s deputy. And what is going to happen to the cabinet. With Zuma resigning, cabinet is not required to resign, but some members might do so as a show of support to their fallen ally.

Ramaphosa also has the prerogative to make changes to his cabinet as he sees fit.

What is certain for now is that the Zuma era is over. Many South Africans who did not stay up for the evening address would have been greeted by the front pages on the newspapers.

Many, will feel a sense of relief.

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