ZEC Speaks On WhatsApp Recording Of “Soldier” Working As Undercover Intelligence Operative

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In a statement, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) acting chief elections officer Mr Utloile Silaigwana dismissed allegations made by a person claiming to be a Zimbabwe National Army member working as an undercover intelligence operative in the electoral body.

He said the message is meant to tarnish the image of ZEC. Said Silaigwana:

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission hereby alerts members of the public against individuals who are bent on tarnishing the image of the commission by circulating false information on WhatsApp, purporting to be linked either directly or indirectly to the commission. This comes in the wake of a recording circulating on the application of an individual who is purporting to be a member of the Zimbabwe National Army at ZEC as an undercover intelligence operative.

He also denied that ZEC has serving soldiers in its employment. ZEC refuted claims that the use of the code *265# to confirm one’s registration status was meant to remove certain groups of registrants from the provisional voters’ roll.

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