War Veterans Clash Over Gukurahundi, Say Matemadanda Cannot Exonerate Everyone Else And Blame Mugabe

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Former Zipra cadre Jabulani Petshu Sibanda has said that Victor Matemadanda is not the right person to say former President Robert Mugabe was solely responsible for Gukurahundi. This follows Matemadanda’s claims that all the other commanders responsible for the massacres were just following orders. Speaking to NewsDay, Sibanda said,

Matemadanda is not the right person to apportion blame on Mugabe and exonerate others who worked with him. Those who worked under Mugabe’s instruction, some of them are still there, they are the ones who must come out and tell us who sent them. Mugabe never set foot in Matabeleland carrying an AK47 to kill people, there are people who were sent and those people are the ones who must come out and say they were sent by Mugabe.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has refused to apologise for Gukurahundi insisting that the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission is enough.

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