Powerful Potential: Growth Opportunities in Africa’s gas Sector

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But while the stories and contexts of North and West Africa may differ, they both offer tremendous opportunities in developing gas-to-power projects. By leveraging the regions’ natural resources, experienced engineers can deliver marked improvements to the quality of life of African citizens. And for shrewd investors, these projects present a tremendous opportunity to maximise the returns from one of the world’s few remaining untapped reserves.

Works in Progress: Morocco

In Morocco, the government recently announced a $4.6 billion tender to construct a natural gas processing plant. This expansive project is part of an overall government effort to increase the share of liquefied natural gas in the country’s energy portfolio from 16% in 2014 to 25% in 2025. With 1.44 billion cubic metres of proved reserves, Morocco could soon become a net exporter of natural gas after constructing the necessary infrastructure.

Immediate Opportunities

Interested investors in African gas-to-power projects must focus their attention on governments which have demonstrated a willingness to move quickly and accommodate the efforts of qualified engineers. Prominent cases like the Moroccan LNG National Development should be seen as a green light for engineering firms and investors, while other major projects in Nigeria and Ghana demonstrate the feasibility of making progress in these resource-rich nations.

Taking place from 14-15th November in Marrakech, Gas Options: North & West Africa is a platform for energy decision-makers to discuss the progress of regional gas projects across North & West Africa.

With the confirmed participation of H.E Hon. Aziz Rabbah, Minister of Energy, Mines and Sustainable Development, Morocco and H.E Hon. Patrick Eyogo Edzang, Minister of Mines, Energy and Hydraulic Resources, Gabon plus support from leading Moroccan organisations  AMEE, ONHYM and ONEE, this event will unpack the vast opportunities for gas development across the region.

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