No water for three weeks at flats, but ‘pleas fall on deaf ears’

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About 120 tenants living at the Gatesville Flats say they are at their wits’ end as their pleas for water to be reconnected in their units “fall on deaf ears”.

For about three weeks residents at the flats have been without water. Gatesville ward committee member Fowzia Veerasamy compared the Gatesville Flats to the Sahara Desert due to the drought tenants had to deal with.

“I am sitting with more reference numbers from the city council than a drop of water.

“We do not know what to do any more. We have approached the city council and have requested assistance from our ward councillor, but still this was unsuccessful.”

Tenant Faiza Parker said her husband has to carry litres of water up four flights of stairs every night.

Another elderly resident, Sylvia Naidoo, 75, said: “I can’t wash nor take my medication. It has been going on for three weeks now and we have no idea what to do any more.”

The city council said it was looking into the particulars of the Cape Times’ enquiry and would respond in due course.

This as a Wynberg family can’t fathom how the city council could have slapped them with a R17000 water bill after they removed their water management device from the property. They lodged complaints of it leaking.

The device was installed on January 12 at the home of Adila Kafaar. It was meant to ration 350 litres a day, then the water was cut off until the next day.

According to Kafaar, she noticed that water was beginning to leak on the day the city council official installed the device. “He came in here and told us he had the right to install the meter because city council by-laws allowed him to.

“I noticed that there was water leaking. He said he was a plumber and knew what he was doing. After it was installed it kept leaking and we lodged complaints with the city council in February.

“Another official came to read the meter, but because there was none on the property or outside as there used to be, how could they justify this amount? I went to the council and showed them my references, bills and emails where we lodged our complaints, and the official argued that their system was right and I was wrong,” said Kafaar.

The city council did not respond to questions.

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