Mugabe’s Mediator Says He Taught Tsvangirai Peacebuilding

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Father Fidelis Mukonori who facilitated negotiations between former President Robert Mugabe and the Constantino Chiwenga-led military during Operation Restore Legacy, revealed how he trained the late MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai on peace-building.

Mukonori said this during a Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ) and Silveira House workshop on creating the environment for effective coverage of the forthcoming elections, where he revealed Tsvangirai passed through the Catholic Social Justice and Development Centre outside Harare. Said Mukonori:

Many of the leading labour movement leaders, teachers and those of professional reputation passed through our hands at the centre in our efforts for peace-building. Among those that I trained are the late MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai as well as the late former Zambian President Frederick Chiluba, who wanted to use his muscle due to his short build, but we told him to think to achieve anything on peace. We know workers were not being handsomely paid, but the only way was through good negotiating skills.

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