Mugabe finally sends condolences message to Tsvangirai family

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A week after the passing of the MDC-T leader and his partner in the GNU government, Robert Mugabe finally sent a condolences messages to the Tsvangirai family.

Mugabe’s message reportedly reached the family just before the final burial of Morgan Tsvangirai. The arrival of the message was announced by Nelson Chamisa, but he whoever declined to read it saying it was a private Tsvangirai family message:

“It would be improper for me to do that. We are Tsvangirai’s political family, but this is a private message to his real family. “Unless they want it read out but that would be their choice,”

Mugabe and Tsvangirai were partners in the Government of National Unity which lasted from 2009 to 2013. Tsvangirai had won the first round of presidential elections in 2008 but after Zanu-PF supporters unleashed a wave of violence on MDC-T supporters, he withdrew from a Run-off resulting in the negotiation of a GNU in which Mugabe was Executive President and Tsvangirai, Prime Minister.

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