Mohadi Denies Military Takeover, Says People Staged An Uprising Saying “Mugabe Must Go”



Speaking to The Chronicle, Vice President Kembo Mohadi said the military did not stage a coup during Operation Restore Legacy but people staged an uprising.

Mohadi said the army did not remove Robert Mugabe from power nor force him to resign but the people did. He said as a result the Emmerson Mnangagwa administration should not be called the Junta Government. Said Mohadi:

Zimbabwe has never experienced any coup. You call us a junta government and I don’t know what you mean because if you are talking of Operation Restore Legacy, it was not the army that took over, there was an uprising by the people and everyone was saying Mugabe must go, Parliament equally said Mugabe must go and those are the people that removed him from power. It was not the army. If it were the army they would have arrested him (Mr Mugabe). He is at his house with his family and everything is going on well. He was never molested and I don’t know where you are getting these ideas that we are a junta government.

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