Jenny, 4, collects over 14 cubic metres of plastic in month


Four-year-old Jenny Kenyon is on a campaign to put the spotlight on the dangers faced by owls, penguins, turtles and the environment as a result of plastic bags.

She collected more than 14 cubic metres of recycled plastic last month.

Jenny began collecting plastic when she learnt at the Two Oceans Aquarium of a turtle that had eaten plastic, and following a Cape Times article of the Owl Rescue Centre’s plans to use recycled plastic instead of wood to manufacture all its conservation products, including its owl and bat houses.

Her mother, Kath Kenyon, said Jenny’s plastic collecting had also been inspired by her big-hearted brother Matthew, 11, who regularly collects clothes and toys for a Durbanville NPO looking after and placing abandoned children.

“She (Jenny) started out by telling her friends why straws and balloons were harming marine life. When we heard (through a story on the Cape Times front page) about the Owl Rescue Centre using recycled plastic, she was keen to collect it to help the owls, the penguins and turtles,” said Kath Kenyon.

She said Jenny started in March with the plastic collection and had sent in over 14 cubic metres of plastic to the Owl Rescue Centre, which collects five bags at a time.

Yesterday, Jenny said: “I like collecting plastic so the penguins don’t get sick. It’s difficult to get people to bring the plastic to me, but sometimes they bring a lot. My friends must help me to collect more plastic.”

Jenny will continue with her plastic collecting campaign, said her mother.

Anyone wishing to contribute can contact Kath Kenyon on 078 308 4755.

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