Illegal taxi rank irks Centurion residents

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Residents of Heuweloord in Centurion are unhappy with the existence of an illegal taxi rank in the area.

They claim it had brought about illegal gambling, littering, alcohol consumption and pedestrians walking on the road to get the to facility, located near the intersection of Ruimte Road and Apiesdoring Drive.

According to them, for two years, nearly 50 taxis had been parking in front of houses and on pavements during the day.

The area was already experiencing a high number of fatalities, and the taxis, according to residents, also prevented traffic flow at the busy intersection.

To make matters worse, they said, taxi drivers who parked in the area urinated against the walls due to the lack of toilet facilities and consumed alcohol and gambled on the pavement in full view of the general public.

“Something should be done about this situation before we see more fatalities due to misconduct and ignoring of the traffic laws,” said a resident, who did not want to be named.

When the Pretoria News visited the area, about 20 taxis were in the area, parked on vacant land just after the traffic lights.

The drivers said they had never been told by anyone that there was a problem with their continued use of the area.

One of them, Motau Ramalepe, denied they drank alcohol or urinated in public as alleged.

He said they were providing transport to those who worked in the area.

“We’re just trying to provide for our families; if we move how will people without transport from the mall get to us?”

Ramalepe denied allegations of them urinating in public, but said they either used the toilet at the tuckshop next to them or went to use the mall toilets.

Rank manager Mashele Nkuna said they were disappointed because no one had came to them to explain the concerns of the public. He said they were more than willing to engage the residents.

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