Hungry Villagers Surviving On Left Overs

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The Herald reports that hungry villagers in Nembire area in Mt Darwin West particularly those in Ward 7, have resorted to scavenging for food left over by school children at St Albert’s High School. The area is facing a critical shortage of food due to the erratic rains.

Women, travel for about 10 kilometres to St Albert’s High School which is no longer throwing away the leftovers, but keeping them for local people. Speaking at Chief Nembire’s homestead on Saturday, MP for the area Barnwell Seremwe (Zanu-PF) said the highest yield in the area was five bags and most people are living on one meal per day. Seremwe said together with the Social Welfare Department, are working on bringing food aid.  Last time, he managed to source 174 tonnes of maize, but he said there is need for more.

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