EU-Africa Economic Summit

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Economic opportunities in Africa, the agriculture and youth investment sectors continue to face funding shortfalls.

One year after the EU-African Union summit in Abidjan, economic opportunities in the agricultural sector and investment in young people remain priorities, as does access to finance.

Hence the importance of reducing the fragmentation of financing offers, which is one of the conclusions of the EU Africa Business Summit that has just taken place in Marrakech.

A report by our special envoys in Morocco
The worrying youth unemployment in Africa

Unemployment remains as rampant in Africa as ever, with more than 8 million young people currently unemployed according to the World Bank.

Africa has about 12 million young people entering the labour market each year according to 2017 figures provided by the World Bank.

A market in crisis when we know that more than 8 million of them have no job promise and that only 3.1 million jobs are created every year.

Danielle NKOUM, a human development specialist and member of the NGO Youth for impact Africa, explains the NGO’s leitmotiv for young Africans.

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