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The decline of Africa’s largest mammals

November 23, 2018 tccdoi9873 0

Post Views: 62   The human species is causing profound climatic, environmental, and biotic disruptions on a global scale. In the present time (now called the Anthropocene), most species of large terrestrial herbivores are threatened […]

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Elephants in the African veld: climate heroes?

October 25, 2018 tccdoi9873 0

Post Views: 77   Africa’s megaherbivores — elephants, rhinos and hippos — could potentially play a major role in mitigating climate change, says Professor Graham Kerley, director of the Centre for African Conservation Ecology at […]

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Understanding the language of Africa

October 19, 2018 tccdoi9873 0

Post Views: 61   In his book, Black Africa: The Economic Basis for a Federated State, Senegalese scholar and Pan-Africanist activist Cheikh Anta Diop observed that for a long time those committed to the emancipation […]