Africa Dialogues for World Children’s Day 2018: African Youth share their vision of the Africa they want

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World Children’s Day ( is an annual global moment ‘for children, by children’ where the world listens to children and fights for their rights. It is a day to advocate and garner support and raise awareness on the most pressing issues facing children – a day to ‘play one’s part’ in building a world where every child is in school, safe from harm, and can fulfill their potential.

To mark this day in West and Central Africa, 10 children and adolescents from six countries in the region came together in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) to deliver on the World Children’s Day Platform, very captivating and powerful speeches about the Africa They Want during an ‘Africa Dialogues’ event supported by UNICEF ( ‘’I want an Africa where the right of the child would be respected by all and were the Sustainable Development Goals will be achieved by 2030,’’ said Precious Anastasia, 14-year-old, from Cameroon, one of the 10 young speakers, who spoke about quality and inclusive education in Africa.

The event is a collaboration between the People Initiative Foundation ( and UNICEF, in partnership with the African Union.

In Ouagadougou, the youth addressed some of the critical issues facing Africa now and in the future:

  • Precious Anastasia Ambe Lum, 14, from Cameroon, talks about an Africa where children grow up safely and go to school
  • Rimana Youssouf Assane Mayaki, 16, from Niger, talks about an Africa that combats climate change
  • Abdoul Rachid Sawadogo, 17, from Burkina Faso, talks about an Africa where everyone knows HIV status and fight stigma
  • Eunice Muba Ndowe, 18, from Democratic Republic of Congo, talks about an Africa that invests in child education
  • Evariste Wendyam Ringtoumda, 17, from Burkina Faso, talks about an Africa without disability-related discrimination
  • Stella Yougbaré, 16, from Burkina Faso, talks about an Africa without taboos where women are proud of who they are
  • Rahimata Sawadogo, 17, from Burkina Faso, talks about an Africa that values its talents through school or vocational training
  • Conforte Ericka Trinité Exaucée Gloria Ayanou, 15, from Benin, talks about an Africa that promotes child participation in local life
  • Amiri Ag Abdoulaye, 17, from Mali/Burkina Faso, talks about an Africa where children are not forced to leave their country because of insecurity

Bassan Badiallo Sow, 17, from Mali, talks about an Africa that promotes quality education

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Africa Dialogues ( is an Africa thought-leadership platform that focuses on broad-ranging discussions on governance and human rights, education, youth unemployment, infrastructure, public health, gender and income inequality, Africa’s economies and urban development towards helping our continent attain the African Union Agenda 2063 and the global Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

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